Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sister sisters on missions!!

Sister Britton Bennett has a sister Sister, Sister Shae Bennett, who also just left on a mission - to the Peru Lima East Mission. She left June 29, just two weeks before Britton.  Shae went straight to the Peru MTC so they didn't get to be in the MTC togehter, but Britton says she already ran into her other friends, also a sibling pair, John and Sarah Erikson who are both on thier way to Russia.

Click on the link below to see Shae's Blog.

Can you believe Britton didn't want to put on the hat for the second picture?

...And Hermana Bennett defended her opinion.

Shae already had her application for a mission planned for her 21st birthday when President Monson announced the age change. The announcement only resulted in her leaving about 3 months earlier than orignally planned, just before her 21st birthday. But Britton was one of the ones you heard about that was texting all of her friends seconds after the announcement - all excitedly making new, immediate plans. Thanks to the announcment, Britton is leaving about three months after her 19th birthday! Thinking of the moment of the announcement still has a very strong effect on all of us. I suspect that Britton must have already had thoughts of serving a mission (that she kept secret from us) because when President Monson made the announcment during conference, it only took seconds for her to begin texting her friends and making plans.
As a result of weekly sealings our ward has been doing as part of something we call 'The Elijah Project', as soon as they recieved thier endowments, some girls (and one young man - John, now Elder Erikson - the one mentioned above and now at the MTC with Britton and his sister Sarah) had a chance to do sealings with Sister Elaine Dalton (whose husband frequently performs the sealings). It was an incredible experience. She has explained how she had the privlege of being part of seeing the Lord create this movement in preparing young women for this incredible change that has so significantly affected the lives of so many sister missionaries, now going into the field. It is almost incomprehensible the change it will have on the lives of Heavenly Father's children, unknowingly waiting for the arrival of all these new missionaries all around the world.

With her final hug in the temple, Sister Dalton's final message was:

"Give them HEAVEN!!".

Go do it sisters...