Saturday, November 2, 2013

I want to stay in Aquia forever

October 28, 2013
Dear family,

This week was pretty good! We had the ward trunk or treat, where a ton of people invited nonmembers. It was way fun! Jamie was trying to take pictures of me to put on fb, but i wouldn't let her haha. Jamie is trying to set me up with someone here so i can come back after my mission and be by her haha. We decided that instead of me just picking up Happy the Kitty after, I will just move in with them. What do you think about that??

As for missionary work, we had a really good week! we tracted a lot!! I am actually starting to enjoy tracting. . I don't know why. . but it's kind of fun! we haven't had too much success with it, but we did meet a man named erik who went to byu and has read the bom and d&c and says that he knows it's true. He told us that he won't come to church or be baptized because the bom says that black people are cursed. We talked to him about it and he has talked to some bishops about it and he said if we don't think they are cursed, we should take it out of the book. He told us to study and come back this week. That will be fun! We met a lady who was muslim. she let us in and couldn't really speak our language, but her daughter translated for us. She ended up telling us more about her religion then us telling about ours. but the TV was on disney channel and a halloween episode of good luck charly was on haha

i like the pictures of the babies you keep sending me. There are sooo many adorable babies in my ward and i'm not allowed to hold them:(( it's terrible.

Yep my companion is awesome. We both want to stay in Aquia for the rest of our missions. And i thought i wouldn't like it as much as my first area, . . For dad: I told you not to read that talk, You have to listen to it because they cut a lot of stuff out on the typed version. But I'm glad you liked it.

This week, we had dinner with the cunninghams. They are an inactive couple, who are awesome! we have dinner with them every thursday. Sister Cunningham is from Korea and Bro cunningham met her at a refugee camp. he is in the military or something. But they made us this delicous korean dinner. It was sooo good! But then they made us try durean. Durean is a nasty fruit. it was on fear factor if that tells you anything. But we took a bunch of pictures so I will try to send those to you. It was elder worthington's birthday the day after and he is the pickiest eater alive, so we took it over to them and made him and elder canova try it. haha. We also had dinner with Tricia, i told you about her in earlier letters, She comes to church every sunday and is basically a dry mormon, but her husband told her that he would divorce her if she got baptized. Well, we went over last night and we had dinner with her husband!! It was the first time we ever met him. He was really nice. He is a marine and is being deployed in february. So i asked him a bunch of questions about what's going on in the war and stuff like that cause i have no idea! he was really nice, but we didn't get to talk about religion or anything, but it was a miracle that we even got to meet him!

So yeah that's pretty much the highlights of the week. There was the primary program yesterday that was really funny. Not much more to say about that. We were told to either find something to do on Halloween or stay inside. So we are going to the marshalls, the ward mission leaders house, with the elders and having dinner and handing out candy to little kids! it should be fun! tell nikki thanks for the letter it made me laugh! I will write one back to her! Love you all! Got to go carve pumpkins and play toilet paper dodgeball with the zone haha.

Love, sister Bennett

Monday, October 14, 2013

I really like teaching

October 14, 2013

This week we taught a lot of lessons! i really like teaching. yesterday we had our first lesson with a couple named chelsea and scott. they are both marines and they are really awesome. Scott told us that he has been sober for about 4 months, so Heavenly Father has already been preparing him. There was a pack of cigarrettes on his table though, so we may have to work on that. There are a lot of people here who smoke. Almost everyone we street contact is out smoking haha. People are different out here than they are in utah,i can tell you that! I like them though. I am finally used to baptist churches everywhere. It will be weird coming home and not having those really.

We are teaching a lot of people and less actives that think that they don't need to go to church to be close to God. Me and Sister T are studying on how to deal with that because there are a lot people who think that way! so if you have any advice on that, let me know!

It's getting pretty cold here, so hopefully mom sends my coat soon! it rains really hard everyday. It's kind of depressing, but it's alright because we have the tangled cd to listen to while we are driving which cheers us up! Sister T is still the driver this transfer, which is a good thing, cause i really don't want to drive in Virginia! I probably will have to sometime though during my mission. . . Everyone says to stay off the roads during winter cause no one here knows how to drive in the snow or ice! We went to get our car inspected a few days ago and ended up sharing our favorite scriptures with the mechanics that work there haha. one of them said he has a BOM in his car and reads it every once in a while. and another gave us his address so we could have missionaries stop by his house. Being a missionary is fun, but really weird haha. Something different about me that i've noticed is that i hate tv. Whenever it is on, it drives me insane, even if it's ellen. This will probably all change when i get home and i'll go back to watching a lot of tv, but for now i hate it! Oh and i would like to add, that i just saw a greenie who came up to me while i am typing this and said that she read my blog before she came out, so i hope there is nothing embarrassing on there!! I don't have much more to say! and the zone leaders are in our ward so we are pretty close to them, and we told them we were sick of our music so they handed us their entire cd case and that had a bunch of talks in it. That's where i listened to His Grace is sufficient, but part of that talk is in the september ensign, but you should listen to it becuase it's better than reading and they cut a bunch of stuff out in the ensign. Also, i listened to a talk by Elder Holland called Lotts wife or something like that that was really good. I don't have much more to say, but i'll probably be on for a bit to text! write letters if you have time.
Love, Sister Bennett

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy to be staying in Stratford

September 16, 2013
Well, this week was really busy! On tuesday we went to sister's meeting down in richmond. It was five hours long. . . but it was really fun! there were a bunch of different rotations that we went to. One of them were some representatives from mary kay. They stayed through the whole meeting. None of them were members or really knew what they were getting into haha. At the end of the meeting all of the sisters and the people that were doing the stations were in the chapel, president asked if any of us had any questions. One of the ladies from mary kay raised her hand and started asking questions about our religion. Probably not the smartest thing to do with a room full of missionaries. . haha. That might have been the biggest lesson about the restoration for one person ever! At first Pres let us answer some of her questions, but we ran out of time so he taught her, standing at the pulpit. It was pretty great.

So this week, President challenged all of us to see who could get the most new people to teach. We started out having a really bad week, and we've been feeling like bad missionaries cause our teaching pool is really low right now. Well, on thursday things kind of turned around! We went to visit an inactive member who lives in a motel. There is like a run down motel that people live in now. So we went there and found out that she had been evicted for not paying her bills or something. So we were walking back to our car when we ran into this lady. It was night time and was raining pretty hard so she told us to come into her house. Once we were in her house, we realized that she was a former investigator named Princess. She had been meeting with missionaries for years and they stopped going there a few months ago cause she wasn't progressing. I guess she had a drug problem and was never really "there" for lessons. This time she was fully awake and involved. A few minutes after we started teaching her, her neighbor Doreen, knocked on the door to borrow some milk for her coffee and ended up staying for the entire lesson. The visit was pretty crazy haha. Princess and Doreen are very spunky ladies haha. For the first time, I had family prayer while kneeling and holding hands while everyone yells our what they are thankful for haha a little different for me. When we went over, her son was in the bathroom. The appt/motel room is tiny so the bathroom was right by the living room. He kept yelling things at his mom haha when we started with a hymn, he yelled, "mom, what's that noise?" from the bathroom haha I was dying so i couldn't stop laughing. It was bad. Anyways, we are meeting with both of them again on tuesday! So we left princess' and were walking to our car when we saw another girl who had been a potential investigator, she told us why she had been avoiding missionaries. It turns out, she had been looking up a lot of anti-mormon stuff that was not true at all! We made an appt to meet with her a couple days later, but she didn't show up:( We are planning on stopping by another time. . The next day we were weekly planning when we got a text from someone sis thuerer met a while ago, saying that he wanted to meet with us. His name is caleb and we taught him about the restoration. He really loved the part about prophets and is excited about conference. We have about 5 investigators who are on date for baptism. one family hasn't been coming to church lately, so we are getting a little worried. So there was a baptism this week in the Akekeek ward, and we were told to bring an investigator, so we brought a boy named Cordell Cournia. Right when we walked in, the bishop told one of the elder's to pick a sister to go up and bear their testimony and of course he picked me! It turned out being fine and it's a lot less scary now that i do this all day every day! The baptism was really cool even though the person getting baptized wasn't our investigator and president showed up at the end and talked a little. So this week ended up being a lot better than it started!

Today we went to Fredricksburg for p day. It was really cool. I will be sending home pictures when mom sends me the envelope! We went to all of the battle sites and walked on the sunken road trail. I took pictures and bought a few souveniors!

Well, that's about it for this week! Write me at my new address!

Love Sister Bennett


September 23, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was pretty crazy. I did get a pillow pet - that made me really happy! my companion is asking her parents to send her one now haha. I'm really excited to get the disney cd's!

Enough of that, this week was zone conference, which was all of the missionaries in the fredricksburg stake and president and the ap's came and we had a 7 hour conference haha. we were in the relief society room for 7 hours. except for lunch. It was really awesome though, i learned a lot! As for teaching, We have one family, the cournia's, who are doing awesome! The other's not so much. Tricia's husband still says he will divorce her if she joins the church and the other family, the Spears, we are teaching hasn't been coming to church. Michael Spear, the father, is a scientist in the navy and was in the building right next to where the shooting was and was on lockdown for a day. I think they are a little shaken up by that. Also, they were looking for one of the shooters in stafford. They had a bunch of fbi people and dogs around. We also saw lines of cars and police taking up the road, there was a hurse in the middle of the cars, so i'm guessing it was one of the people who was killed in the shooting. Anyways, we are really trying to work with the ward to get refferals, but they are not cooperating too well. They don't seem to have the same missionary spirit or love as my last ward. It's actually pretty hard when they are like that. What they don't realize is that it is their calling to find people for us to teach and to fellowship them. We could go tracting all day and maybe baptize some people, but that would do nothing. We are really nothing without the ward. Coming out has really made me want to live in another country besides utah because i want to be a good ward missionary. I really think that the age change is so that there will be more people who went on missions, so in like 5 or 10 years, the wards will be super into missionary work. I've also realized in the past little while, how much Heavenly Father doesn't need missionaries. He could share His gospel with His children in so many other ways. He LETS us be a part of his work and glory and I think that's so cool. Also, I really want you guys to pray every day to find people to share the gospel with and I know that he will provide a way for you. Just a precaution, when He gives you a prompting, do it. because if you don't, He will let someone else have that blessing. There's a quote from President Monson that i love and i don't know exactly how it goes, but it's something like "And I always want the Lord to know that if He needs an errand run, Tom Monson will run that errand for Him.' I try to put my name into that and really live it. It's really hard being on a mission, but i can see how it has been a blessing in my life and in your lives. I really know that Heavenly Father is real and is my Father. It's weird cause i thought that i always knew that, but now i really do. I don't have much time left and i need to write President, but I love you guys!
Love Sister Bennett


I would also like to add, that we were doing service for a lady in the ward who lives in the aquia harbour and a forest. And were all carrying weeds and stuff to the woods and Elder Worthington just found a tick. . . I'm like freaking out that i have one now, so if you have any advice. . . let me know. Ticks are everywhere around here! And to answer dad's q about Quantico, they don't allow missionaries to proselyte there. if the elders go in, they have to take off their name tags. They are nicer to the sisters:) We go into the Aquia Harbour a lot, which is a lot like Quantico.

September 30, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was full of miracles! So we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders and i was with sister moon, who is awesome! She is in a YSA ward so all of the people we visited were around my age! It was fun! We taught a girl named Kayleen, who is really sweet and is a member, but is really struggling with knowing if God is real. We taught her the plan of salvation and she had so many out there questions. It's weird how Heavenly Father helps us deal with people who are just everywhere. He usually just guides us to bring it back to the basics. That God loves all of us. We talked to her about that a lot and she just opened up to us and was bawling. We were in Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt place) and even though there was music playing and people talking loud all around us, the spirit was really strong. From almost all of the lessons i have taught, which are not many, i have learned that the number one thing Heavenly Father wants his children to learn is that He loves them. So cool! Out of all the cool things our church has to offer, that is the number one thing He wants us all to know. After we taught Kayleen, we went and visited a lot of members and less actives. The last lesson we had was with a guy named Kenny. Kenny is awesome. He is 21, and was just baptized in July. He told us that he decided to go tracting by himself to get ready to go on a mission haha. He told us that he had been teaching all of his friends the lessons! So yeah, he is just cool.

Another cool thing that happened is that we have a new investigator! Her name is Olga, she is 31 and is engaged to a marine. He has been out of town, but is coming home today. A family in our ward invited her to dinner because she just moved into the apt complex that we live in. She said that she had been looking for the mormon church for a long time! So she came with us to the relief society broadcast and loved it! She said that she would try to make it to church, but she had a lot to do to get ready for her fiance to come home. So the next morning we decided to go over to her house! We ended up cleaning her apt and helping her bake cakes and doing all of the dishes, which there was a lot!, while she got ready for church! It was awesome! she came and the ward loves her already. She told us that she doesnt care if her fiance doesnt like the mormon church because she wants to join so badly. She has never read the BOM, but we are working on that!

The last miracle that happened to us was last night. We went over to a member's house for dinner and while we were there we looked out the window and saw a family outside. The family we saw are the Castillo's. The mom is a less active that literally works all the time, she has no time for anything! Since traffic is so bad around here, we gave her the BOM cd's to listen to in the car. She drives about 4 hours a day. Yeah, the traffic is crazy! Anyways, her husband is not a member. He has tried a lot of religions and thinks that he has found the true church. He goes to The Church of God, which is one of those rockband churches. It was litterally a miracle that we saw them as a family cause his working schedule is insane like hers. He usually works till like 3 in the morning so he is NEVER home. But he was last night! He had a lot of genuine questions about our church. He has heard a lot about the FLDS and thinks that's who we are. He also doesn't understand that Joseph Smith did not write the BOM, but he translated it. He just can't understand that for some reason. But it was a good lesson, we got him a spanish bom and he said he would read and pray about it. so please pray for him! we want this family to have the gospel so bad!

The church had a huge 5k run for food, where the cost to run was a can of food! it was a great turnout! there were over 1000 people there! We were asked to direct traffic so the runners didn't get hit. We got cool yellow vests and orange flags. It was pretty fun to be able to stop cars haha maybe i will do that for a career?? The race was in fredericksburg, which is about 20 min from us and it was along the Rappahannock River, which is really pretty. It was freezing though! It is starting to get really cold here!! so if you want to send me any warm gear, that would be nice. I might even be ready for my winter coat. Sister Thuerer and I are making cookies today for a bunch of less actives and then we're going to Government Island, not sure what's there, but i'll let you know next week. I'm excited to get the disney cd's and package to send you all my pictures! Other than that, there's not much else! We are hearing a lot of commotion about this government shut down or something and people are freaking out that they are going to be laid off! I hope you guys aren't involved with that!

For dad: Heavenly Father always has someone around you prepared. A suggestion: Don't just pray for opportunities to share the gospel. Write down 5 names. It could be anyone, even people who you "know" would reject the gospel. Then Pray to know which one is ready for the gospel.Make sure you pray specifically for each one and say their names. Sometimes the people we think could be ready aren't at all. Don't rely on what you think about someone. Heavenly Father is preparing the people who are ready and sometimes those people seem like they would never accept it, but Heavenly Father knows. Try this out and continue to trying to find.

My last remarks are that I got a haircut and it is not good.

Sister Bennett
PS thanks for fasting for me, keep praying for me! I need all the support you got!
October 7, 2013

Me and Sis Thurerer (her first name is Brittney), have been listening to the Tangled cd, "mother knows best"" over and over haha. I was so excited when I saw them. THere is a tornado warnign blaring outside and it's raining pretty hard and blowing like crazy so this might not be a very long letter.

For Conference we watched most of it at our church building. there weren't many people there other than us and a few other sets of missionaries and the bishop and his wife and the spanish ward that was in a different room. we watched the second session with the Hawks, who are a young married couple. Sister Hawk is being deployed on saturday so we are really sad:( we went to outback with them after.

I don't think I told you about the guy from Peru. So last week we had to stand outside of this grocery store called Shoppers to try to get people to donate food for a local food bank. A guy came up to us and told us he was mormon and he was in the spanish branch in our building. When he came out of the store he gave us like 5 bags of food to donate and water bottles and each of us $25 gift certificate to outback. He was awesome! we saw him yesterday at conference when we had lunch in between sessions and he said he was from peru and he lived in the lima south mission bounds. Almost all of the people in the spanish ward are from peru and they are all so so nice. So Shae has some great people to be around!

Sister Thuerer is amazing at musical stuff. she plays all kinds of instruments. so she is teaching me how to sight read. It's really fun! Missionary life is the best life ever! Also the hardest, it's bittersweet! I loved Elder Hollands talk saturday night and Russel m Nelsons talk yesterday. they were my favorites. What was your favorite talk?

Also, transfer calls were last night and we didn't get one so that means we're staying! I'll be in Aquia for at least another transfer! That's good that you guys didnt get furloughed. Almost everyone in our ward is still furloughed. It's good for us because everyone is home! But it's still really sad that this world is crazy. There are still people here that are freaked out about the navy shooting. A lot of people we talk to were in the building next to the one that the shooting was at and were on lock down for a couple of days. I've also learned from like FBI people that the news is not reliable cause the FBI doesn't tell us what really goes on most of the time.

Yeah I will try to find a p-day where we can go and buy warm clothes and boots or something. One of my favorite Hermanas is going home today so I'm sad about that. Her name is Hermana Storts and she is awesome! We are having our last zone activity today before people leave to be transferred on thurs! And today I'm starting piano lessons with Sis Thuerer haha. If you guys get time you should write me this week! love you!

Love sister Bennett

Monday, September 2, 2013

First Transfer To Stafford, VA...

September 2, 2013

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, it was labor day! I have some news. . . So last week i decided not to tell you that transfers were on thursday cause i didn't think i would be transferred, but i was haha so all the stuff you sent me went to my old address,. . so sorry. But I am now in Stafford, Va in the Aquia (sounds like a gangster saying "a Choir") ward. My companion was in my mtc district haha her name is Sister Thuerer (pronounced like tire). We both have only been out for six weeks, so we are training each other haha. SHe is from orem and is very musically talented. She plays the sax and piano. We are doing pretty well though. I really like my new area. It's a car area, so my bike is just sitting sadly in our living room. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty nice having a car. Besides worrying about miles and stuff. And whenever the car is in reverse, i have to stand behind it and look like an idiot directing Sister Thuerer so she doesnt run into anything, but i guess that probably doesn't look as stupid as me on a bike haha. The area i'm in has a lot of variety, cause it's really big!! Like 3 or 4 times bigger than my last area. There is a really ghetto area haha like really. And i just got an email telling me that you sent caramel brownies to my old address:( They might be bad by the time i get them:( anyways. . . Last night we were in that area with a less active, sis bandy, she was telling us how she is going to marry mathew mauchonhey, however you spell that haha and she has this crazy laid out plan, but anyways, we heard like gunshots and she told us that we were in the ghetto, so we'll have to be safe around there. There is also a place where there is like hillbillys haha and no one takes care of their lawns at all and the houses look abandoned and it's crazy. and then there are the normal areas haha. there are a lot of military here cause the training place is in stafford. Everyone we've met so far is in the military or their husband is in the military.

Well, mission work wise, I taught my real first lesson this week to an investigator! it was really cool! I am teaching a lot more lately cause i'm not opening up an area anymore. I will try to write a letter on the investigators, but two of them came to church this week! One is tricia. She really wants to join the church and is ready to be baptized, but her husband told her he would divorce her if she did, so we are trying to help her as much as we can! She comes to church every week, but usually only stays for sacrament cause her husband doesn't like her to be away for too long. She is really great and I think she will get baptized eventually! I don't have enough time to talk about the others, but I willl rwrite a letter! I'm doing a lot better and getting a little more used to missionary life!

I love you all!
Love, sis Bennett

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mission Life in Woodbridge VA

July 29, 2013

Dear family,
I am doing great! I love my area and the people in it! We are actually about 25 minutes from DC in good traffic. The area i'm in actually just got moved to the richmond mission in july. It was in the washington dc south mission. It really sucks cause we can't go to the temple and it's so close! when it was in the dc mission the elder's would "slug" to dc. I'm sure you know what slugging is, but just in case you don't, it's what the people use to get to dc. They go get in a line somewhere and get in random people's car's and carpool in groups of 3. They aren't allowed to talk to each other haha it sounds awkward. But yeah a couple of the ward members are wanting to sneak us up to dc during dinner haha. But yeah, everything is great! It's been raining a lot lately! And it's rains like i've never seen before haha it's crazy! It started raining when we were riding our bikes to a house and i could not see anything! THere was a garage open and we went in it and ended up talking to a guy for quite a while. He wasn't interested in our message, but it was good to talk to him. Yesterday we visited members and we had a lady named Sudha Gupta come with us. She is from India and joined the church like 7 years ago. We visited people from the ward that could need help. We went over to the Bringhursts, who's son, who is like 3, has leukemia. He was the cutest little boy i've ever seen. He had so much energy cause he isn't allowed to go really anywhere because of germs. He was hilarious! He said the closing prayer and it was the best prayer i've ever heard. I was trying so hard not to cry! He was praying to be brave. And to not be scared of the doctors. The spirit was so strong and you could just feel heavenly father's love for him. His name is Mark by the way. THey caught the cancer pretty soon, so he has a pretty good chance! Pray for him though!

So there is a lot of diversity here and a lot of the people here are Ghanain. I'm not sue how to spell it, but they're from Ghana. there is some kind of deal that they have to live here. I don't understand it so im not going to try to explain it. Like i said before, almost everyone in our ward works in dc and are very secretive about what they do. A lot of them can't have people from other countries over for dinner, because of their jobs-so it's kind of hard.

Sister Stowell and I have been tracting a lot becasue we are opening a new area. Tracting sucks. We are actually not supposed to tract. we are now supposed to teach members the lessons too. we are supposed to be teaching all day, so the ward is reallly helping us out a lot. I know you were worried about this, but i really do want to move here haha. I think you guys would love it here! Oh and about the bike situation, i am borrowing the watson's daughter's bike haha she is like 13. It's the only bike that i would fit on cause i'm so short haha. Well i will write and send letters today! Forward me shae's emails she sends you! Oh and I loved the letters i got from grandma's house haha thanks!
Love you all!
Sister Bennett


August 5, 2013

I don't have that much to say this week haha so sorry about that. I like my companion. I don't know if i told you but, she played rugby at utah state. she loves playing sports and i.. . dont haha. I really like riding a bike, i just bought one a few days ago and i love it. If people want to hear about me, they can write me haha. I sent a letter to grandparents and kimmy and julie this week, so they should be okay. I will figure out what scripture i want on this week and let you know next week. I've been a little homesick and stressed. it's kind of hard to deal with stress and anxiety cause i don't have you or mom to talk to but, it will be okay. I really like my area and stuff. I havent really had the opportunity to teach a nonmember yet so hopefully i will soon!

I bought a bike. I love my bike. it has a little bell on it that has a sticker that says "i the kiddy bike wasn't cutting it for all the hills around here. My legs feel like jello all the time, but i still eat horrible so it will probably even out somehow.

This week was kind of slow. . . lots of meetings. We have been going to members homes and teaching them lessons from pmg and trying to get referalls. I'm really enjoying riding a bike though! Hopefully my bike doesn't get stolen or something so i can take it home with me! Also, we are vistiting a lot of less actives. I am really upset that we don't get to go to washington dc though. We are so close to it! people that live here say that woodbridge is considered a part of dc. All the members have pictures of the dc temple in their houses so it's kind of a bummer that we can't go to it cause it's so pretty. Sorry that this letter is so boring haha i will write a letter throughout the week if anything happens! Write me!


August 12, 2013

Hello family!
So i've almost been in va for a month! It's gone by really fast! Things are still going pretty slow investigator wise, but we are teaching a lot more! To members, but it's still practice and our president has asked us to be teaching all of the time and have the members do most of the finding. I love the members in our ward still they are great! We are going to a baseball game tonight with some families in our ward who invited some nonmembers and asked us to go with them for fhe! It's the Potomac nationals or finals or something haha but there is a baseball field in our ward boundaries so we can go! About the temple, we all want us to go, including Pres Wilson, but the first presidency doesnt want us to. I guess they've been trying for quite a while!  it is hard though cause we are so close! So right by our apartment there is a marina that we run by in the mornings. people are always kayaking and fishing and we can't so it kind of sucks haha. I am going to try and send some pictures with a letter this week. I really like my bike. I'll take a picture of it so you can see how cool it is. So this week, we have been visiting a lot of referrals and less actives and been teaching a lot of members in their homes. We're really working with the ward to find people to teach and i just realized that i have already said that in this letter haha awkward. So i hear shae is doing great! i wish i could send letters to her! Like her, i am also fed quite a bit. but i have the excercise on the bike to even it out. So you know how i told you how everyone here is very secretive about their jobs cause they work for the cia and stuff? well there is this guy in our ward who is always gone and we all know he is a spy. His name is Behrad and he is awesome. We went over to their house for dinner last night and started teaching their daughter the lessons because she is getting baptized in october. Their last name is the Tabatabaie's btw haha. Well, we asked him and his wife how they met and they said that he was her mtc teacher when she was on her mission haha i can't imagine marrying one of my mtc teachers! so weird! Well, this week for training, we are practicing the plan of salvation. I love it more and more every time i learn or teach it! there is so much to learn and i thought i understood it all, but i never will! I can't imagine what life would be like without knowing where i'm from or where i'm going! Dad will be happy to know that i have been listening to the truman madsen lectures during study time. I actually really like them. I've been listening to the ones about joseph smith and there was a quote from him that i really liked. it went something like, "if you can't endure persecution, you won't be able to endure celestial glory." I really liked that cause being a missionary is hard! I know that i am learning a lot though. A lot more than i ever would if i wouldn't have gone! Well, times about up! I would love to get letters! I'll write you guys some today! Love you all!
Sis Bennett


August 19, 2013

I don't have time to write separate emails for everyone so this is for the family. Okay, so i got two packages i think. I was expecting something fun, but it was just medicine haha. I really never know what to say on these emails so i guess i'll just tell you what I did last week. I don't remember monday or tuesday, but on wednesday, we went to the dentist for sister stowell and elder brian, who is one of the elder's in our ward. We have a dentist in our ward. his name is Dr. Fox. His office is out of our mission so we had to get special permission to go. The DC south mission office is right next to his office and one of the elders in our ward, elder brown, used to be in the dc south mission before the split, so we went and visited with the people in the office! Im jealous of the dc mission because they get to go to the temple! Later that day, we had dinner at the stanfords, who are my favorite family here haha. And i just remembered what i did on tuesday. We went over to dinner with the tulls, who have had a crazy life, and they're also one of my favorite families,and then we went out on splits with sister tull and her mother in law. Short story about the tulls: they're pretty young, both were married before and her husband died of cancer about 6 years ago and his wife died from a bladder infection about 3 years ago. They don't have any kids together,but they both had 3 kids from their previous marriages that were the same ages! they are like the brady bunch! their grandma lives with them too. anyways sis tull was telling me that after her husband died she had so many questions about where her husband was at and what he was doing so she wrote the 1st presidency and they answered her questions! She told me about some of them and it's really cool! i dont have time to write them though haha i will in a letter! oh and i just remembered what i did on monday! i went to a baseball game! it was really fun. there were a lot of people from our ward there and some investigators came! that's all i remember for monday, so let's skip to thursday haha. On thursday, we went down to Richmond, which is like a 2 and a half hour drive:/ so we met with all of the trainers and trainees and it was fun! Then we drove back. It seems like we were in the car all day long! the person who was driving us was crazy haha. If there wasnt missionaries in the car, he would be dead! VA has some crazy drivers and he is one of the worst! There is also terrible traffic. I'm sort of glad im on a bike! oh and on wed, we did exchanges i was with sis menchen, she is from germany! she was really cool and we got into a person's home! a nonmember! it was great! We have been having a lot more people to talk to lately! i'm running out of time cause i've been "texting" you all, but i will write a letter! love you all!

Sis Bennett

So far, the only picture we have from Sister Britton, but it's a good one

(she is going to kill me for putting it on here though)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sister Britton Bennett Arrives in Virginia - Woodbridge VA!

I am SO excited for Britton. I have been to Woodbridge while working on the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle for the Marines a couple of years ago. It is SUCH a great place for her to start. She went into this bravely ready to face any crazy living circumstances she might encounter. She really deserves such a great place to start (and I do mean great - look at the google earth pics below of her first appartment - yes, it appears she has gone to the new VA Paradise Mission  (note the golf course at the border of her appartment complex)! And what INCREDIBLE people in her new ward. They could not have given her a better reception to her new life. If any of you are reading this THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for taking such great care of our precious Sister Bennett!! She is so lucky to have you. And Woodbridge is so lucky to have her. She will no doubt give everything she has for you. 



From Sister Bennett's email:
This is for mom and dad cause I don't have time to write both, but I'm doing fine! The ward is awesome and loves sister's because they have never had them before! The elders in our ward are getting kicked out of dinner appointments because we arent allowed to go together haha so they're not very excited to have us haha. The sister who called mom was sister watson, she is the ward mission leader's wife, not mission president's. The Watsons have had us over for dinner twice already and spent the day shopping with us. They are awesome. The whole ward is great. 90% of the people in our ward work in washington DC at the pentagon so they work for the CIA or the FBI haha it's a lot different than utah. Also, Gaulladet (a big deaf school) is in DC so there are A LOT of deaf people in our ward. The ward is teaching us sign language now haha i thought i could get away from it. . . Yesterday an investigator family who is deaf came to church and we went to a room with them to have class. the teacher is deaf and there was an interpreter. It was reallly cool and we're picking up on it pretty quick! My companion's name is sister stowell she's from orange county ca. She went to Utah State and was on the rugby team haha she is really funny and cool.
So when we first got to Virginia, they told us that they just opened a mission that sister's ride bikes and there was a 2% chance that we would be in that part. Well I am that 2%. We havent found bikes yet, the watson's are helping us look for some. The elders are always dripping with sweat when we see them after they rode their bikes, so I'm going to look disgusting. And yeah, i might need some new skirts. Sister stowell ripped one of her skirts when we were trying out bikes at the bike store haha. The worker thought we were crazy for trying to ride bikes with skirts haha. He let us go outside and ride around and he warned me not to pull the left brake, but i don't know how to ride a bike so i did and flew off haha. This probably isn't very comforting to you guys. Also, there are not very many sidewalks and there are a lot of windy roads haha. Me and Sister Stowell just try to laugh it off.
The weather was pretty bad last week. It was like 106 and 100% humidity on friday, but this week is like 80, so it's really nice. It's really pretty here. I love all of the houses. I feel like I'm in a southern movie or something. The sister's got to spend the night at the mission home the first night and it was my dream home. I loved it. If i had more time  I would send you all the  pictures I have taken. I hopefully will next week.
My address is
 12270 Creek View Cir
Woodbridge 22192
Oh don't worry, the ward knows about my allergy and most people here make everything from scratch, so I've been eating well! And some people in the ward bought us a bunch of groceries, so i'm good!

Love  you all! Write me!
Sister Bennett


Sister Bennett's last email from the Provo MTC - leaves for VA next Wed!!

You guys should start using dear elder for me for the rest of the time that I am in the mtc cause that means i can hear from you every day! But I know you all are very busy, so if you don't, that's okay! Well we started teaching a woman named Belinda today. She is our TRC, so she could be a nonmember or a less active that is playing a role. She honestly scared me the first time we met her. She is from malasia and didn't believe in God at all and called me and Sister Clonts psychos for believing in him. Well we kept telling her that God is real and that he loves her and she told us she didn't care. It was really hard, but we invited her to read Alma 18 and pray to see if it is true. We went to see her againa couple days later and she was still the same blunt Belinda, but she told us that she read the entire Book of Mormon! We were in shock and she got mad at us for being so surprised but we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! And Stephen, the one I was about to teach when I sent you that letter, is doing better. The first time we visited him he wouldn't really open up to us and he is very sarcastic and a super genius, so he is kind of hard to teach. He knew more about Joseph Smith than I do, so he doesn't really need any more knowlegde, he just needed to feel the spirit. He sort of feels like he is worthless to Heavenly Father, so we went over God's love for him for probably 3 or 4 lessons. He decided that he wants to be baptized! So now we need to teach him all the other fun stuff!! Oh and I got my travel itinerary and it says that i have to be at the travel office in the MTC at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday! And my flight is at 7 or something, so expect a call from around 5:30 or 6:00 AM on Wednesday. I think. I'll let you know otherwise.  Well, there's not that much more to say, but I will probably be writing you a letter later today! Love you!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Second Letter From Sister Bennett

(Typed from handwritten original - along with the amazing self-portrait that was drawn on her original and HAD to be included as she sent it - kb)

July 5, 3013

To My Family,

As you've read in my email, I have had no time to write in my journal or to you guys since I've been here. The first day I got here, we met our teachers and branch presidency. There are really some cool people here. Later that day, or actually earlier (the days are long and blurry) we had an activity that was really intimidating. The newcomers, which were about 840 missionaries that came the same day as me, split off into groups. They brought an “investigator” into the room and had some missionaries “knock on their door” and teach them and try to get to know them. Then, the investigators would go up to the missionaries in the audience and ask them questions. They weren’t easy questions either. Everyone would try not to make eye contact with them because we were all so scared to get picked ;).  Of course, there were a few that had to say something every time, but we were all silent. There was one ‘investigator’ named Jose and he was asking us why God loves us more because we grew up in America and are spoiled and don’t know how to work. He is from Guatemala and has been working all day ever since he was little. It was a really scary experience, but really eye-opening. The first night I was here, I couldn’t sleep for a little bit because I kept thinking about if I unplugged my hair straightener or not then I thought ‘what if the house burnt down’. But, I thought that if that happened, they would have told me or something. Yesterday was the 4th of July and I honestly didn’t realize it until I saw a sign in the cafeteria. We had class and then at 7 we went to a huge auditorium with all of the Elders and Sisters. We sang like 10 patriotic hymns and the organ was so loud. We had a speaker talk about ware stories involved with the Gospel and then we watched 17 Miracles. That is probably the last movie I will see for a year and a half. Then we had ice cream and watched fireworks. I took a picture but I don’t know how to send it. On my first night, walking back to my room I saw Sara and John! I got a picture w/them too. I saw them again at lunch yesterday. I’m kind of having a hard time keeping all of my stuff together, so packing will be a nightmare. Also, when we wrote in my scripture bag w/silver sharpie, it bled onto my scriptures so there is a huge blur of my name in silver on the front of my scriptures. One of my teachers told me white vinegar would get it off though. As for eating, I get my food from an allergy place but today they had eggs in there so I didn’t eat it – haha. I don’t know how Shae eats so much because I hardly eat anything! It might because I’m nervous for my classes or something. Today me and my companion, Sister Clontz who is from LA are teaching someone named Steven. He is in his early 20’s, lives with w/his mother, is a student he has been going to church with his girlfriend who is a member. He has a Christian background and is really smart. He knows about the restoration but doesn’t have a testimony. We are just going to try to help him feel the Spirit by talking about Heavenly Father’s love for him personally. Maybe I won’t send this until tomorrow so I can write about how it goes which might not be so good, but it will be okay even though we don’t know what we’re doing.

Emailing is really kind of stressful here because we only have a half hour to read and write everyone. The only people I wrote were you guys, Shae and one sentence to Jessica. Oh, and today, is my Preparation Day – Fridays.
Everyone is really nice here. You’ll hear missionaries come up and talk to you in weird languages – so I don’t really know what they are saying to me – but it seems nice!

I really wish that you guys could meet my District. They are amazing!! I honestly think we have the best Elders in the whole MTC. Most of them are straight out of high school and they say things that blow my mind. They are such good missionaries and it’s only our 2nd day here! They really are so different than the other Elders from the other Districts in our Branch, who act like teenage boys. I am with great people and am learning a lot! Also, I think one of my teachers was on one of those shows that are on after conference. Her name is Sister Barras. I think that is how it is spelled.

Well, I better go study and pray to teach Steven! Tell everyone to write me letters (or emails, but I don’t have much time to read them). 

Sister Bennett

I also need addresses of grandparents and stuff.

P.S. Send me some snacks and tic tacs – not being able to chew gum is rough!

-          And, I will write an email to put on the blog next Friday. I guess I will tell you about Steven in the next letter!


First email from Sister Britton Bennett at the Provo MTC!

I am doing good! Sometimes it's hard to be a missionary, especially when you would like to be alone, but it is also the best feeling ever wearing a nametag, representing Christ. The first day when you dropped me off I had literally hundreds of welcomes from elders and sisters in every language you can think of. Everyone is so happy here. Today me and my  companion are teaching our first lesson to an "investigator" named Steven. I am very nervous! Yesterday was the 4th of July and I didn't even remember that until about 7 when we had a program. All of the Elders and Sisters in the MTC went to an auditorium kind of thing and we sang a bunch of patriotic hymns then we watched 17 miracles and ate ice cream and watched fireworks! Our MTC president let us go to bed like an hour later than usual. When i was trying to sleep i could hear all the fireworks and screaming fans at stadium of fire. I feel like I have been here for weeks. I love all of the people here and my teachers are amazing. In my disrict, there are missionaries that are going to Richmond and others that are going somewhere in Jamaica! There is a lot more to say, but i dont have time! we were supposed to write you a letter the first day, but I haven't had a moment to do anything, so sorry! Send me a real letter please and maybe some snacks and mints cause we can't have gum! I am having a lot of fun and don't really have time to be sad or homesick! Love you all and tell my siblings to write me!
Love, Sister Bennett

[Britton and Family (minus Shae who is at the Peru MTC - we really need to get the cardboard cutouts for these pics) at Provo MTC minutes before she got dropped off! It was an AWESOME experience. There is no place on earth like the MTC. It made us feel so happy for Britton to see her face as the Sisters on the curb helped her with her HUGE luggage and walked to the MTC. Brother Nash made a fashion statement in his shorts and tie - he was so touched by the spirit he felt at the MTC that we had to stop and buy him a suit on the way out of Provo so he could feel like the missionaries he saw. kb]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sister sisters on missions!!

Sister Britton Bennett has a sister Sister, Sister Shae Bennett, who also just left on a mission - to the Peru Lima East Mission. She left June 29, just two weeks before Britton.  Shae went straight to the Peru MTC so they didn't get to be in the MTC togehter, but Britton says she already ran into her other friends, also a sibling pair, John and Sarah Erikson who are both on thier way to Russia.

Click on the link below to see Shae's Blog.

Can you believe Britton didn't want to put on the hat for the second picture?

...And Hermana Bennett defended her opinion.

Shae already had her application for a mission planned for her 21st birthday when President Monson announced the age change. The announcement only resulted in her leaving about 3 months earlier than orignally planned, just before her 21st birthday. But Britton was one of the ones you heard about that was texting all of her friends seconds after the announcement - all excitedly making new, immediate plans. Thanks to the announcment, Britton is leaving about three months after her 19th birthday! Thinking of the moment of the announcement still has a very strong effect on all of us. I suspect that Britton must have already had thoughts of serving a mission (that she kept secret from us) because when President Monson made the announcment during conference, it only took seconds for her to begin texting her friends and making plans.
As a result of weekly sealings our ward has been doing as part of something we call 'The Elijah Project', as soon as they recieved thier endowments, some girls (and one young man - John, now Elder Erikson - the one mentioned above and now at the MTC with Britton and his sister Sarah) had a chance to do sealings with Sister Elaine Dalton (whose husband frequently performs the sealings). It was an incredible experience. She has explained how she had the privlege of being part of seeing the Lord create this movement in preparing young women for this incredible change that has so significantly affected the lives of so many sister missionaries, now going into the field. It is almost incomprehensible the change it will have on the lives of Heavenly Father's children, unknowingly waiting for the arrival of all these new missionaries all around the world.

With her final hug in the temple, Sister Dalton's final message was:

"Give them HEAVEN!!".

Go do it sisters...