Saturday, November 2, 2013

I want to stay in Aquia forever

October 28, 2013
Dear family,

This week was pretty good! We had the ward trunk or treat, where a ton of people invited nonmembers. It was way fun! Jamie was trying to take pictures of me to put on fb, but i wouldn't let her haha. Jamie is trying to set me up with someone here so i can come back after my mission and be by her haha. We decided that instead of me just picking up Happy the Kitty after, I will just move in with them. What do you think about that??

As for missionary work, we had a really good week! we tracted a lot!! I am actually starting to enjoy tracting. . I don't know why. . but it's kind of fun! we haven't had too much success with it, but we did meet a man named erik who went to byu and has read the bom and d&c and says that he knows it's true. He told us that he won't come to church or be baptized because the bom says that black people are cursed. We talked to him about it and he has talked to some bishops about it and he said if we don't think they are cursed, we should take it out of the book. He told us to study and come back this week. That will be fun! We met a lady who was muslim. she let us in and couldn't really speak our language, but her daughter translated for us. She ended up telling us more about her religion then us telling about ours. but the TV was on disney channel and a halloween episode of good luck charly was on haha

i like the pictures of the babies you keep sending me. There are sooo many adorable babies in my ward and i'm not allowed to hold them:(( it's terrible.

Yep my companion is awesome. We both want to stay in Aquia for the rest of our missions. And i thought i wouldn't like it as much as my first area, . . For dad: I told you not to read that talk, You have to listen to it because they cut a lot of stuff out on the typed version. But I'm glad you liked it.

This week, we had dinner with the cunninghams. They are an inactive couple, who are awesome! we have dinner with them every thursday. Sister Cunningham is from Korea and Bro cunningham met her at a refugee camp. he is in the military or something. But they made us this delicous korean dinner. It was sooo good! But then they made us try durean. Durean is a nasty fruit. it was on fear factor if that tells you anything. But we took a bunch of pictures so I will try to send those to you. It was elder worthington's birthday the day after and he is the pickiest eater alive, so we took it over to them and made him and elder canova try it. haha. We also had dinner with Tricia, i told you about her in earlier letters, She comes to church every sunday and is basically a dry mormon, but her husband told her that he would divorce her if she got baptized. Well, we went over last night and we had dinner with her husband!! It was the first time we ever met him. He was really nice. He is a marine and is being deployed in february. So i asked him a bunch of questions about what's going on in the war and stuff like that cause i have no idea! he was really nice, but we didn't get to talk about religion or anything, but it was a miracle that we even got to meet him!

So yeah that's pretty much the highlights of the week. There was the primary program yesterday that was really funny. Not much more to say about that. We were told to either find something to do on Halloween or stay inside. So we are going to the marshalls, the ward mission leaders house, with the elders and having dinner and handing out candy to little kids! it should be fun! tell nikki thanks for the letter it made me laugh! I will write one back to her! Love you all! Got to go carve pumpkins and play toilet paper dodgeball with the zone haha.

Love, sister Bennett