Monday, July 22, 2013

Sister Britton Bennett Arrives in Virginia - Woodbridge VA!

I am SO excited for Britton. I have been to Woodbridge while working on the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle for the Marines a couple of years ago. It is SUCH a great place for her to start. She went into this bravely ready to face any crazy living circumstances she might encounter. She really deserves such a great place to start (and I do mean great - look at the google earth pics below of her first appartment - yes, it appears she has gone to the new VA Paradise Mission  (note the golf course at the border of her appartment complex)! And what INCREDIBLE people in her new ward. They could not have given her a better reception to her new life. If any of you are reading this THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for taking such great care of our precious Sister Bennett!! She is so lucky to have you. And Woodbridge is so lucky to have her. She will no doubt give everything she has for you. 



From Sister Bennett's email:
This is for mom and dad cause I don't have time to write both, but I'm doing fine! The ward is awesome and loves sister's because they have never had them before! The elders in our ward are getting kicked out of dinner appointments because we arent allowed to go together haha so they're not very excited to have us haha. The sister who called mom was sister watson, she is the ward mission leader's wife, not mission president's. The Watsons have had us over for dinner twice already and spent the day shopping with us. They are awesome. The whole ward is great. 90% of the people in our ward work in washington DC at the pentagon so they work for the CIA or the FBI haha it's a lot different than utah. Also, Gaulladet (a big deaf school) is in DC so there are A LOT of deaf people in our ward. The ward is teaching us sign language now haha i thought i could get away from it. . . Yesterday an investigator family who is deaf came to church and we went to a room with them to have class. the teacher is deaf and there was an interpreter. It was reallly cool and we're picking up on it pretty quick! My companion's name is sister stowell she's from orange county ca. She went to Utah State and was on the rugby team haha she is really funny and cool.
So when we first got to Virginia, they told us that they just opened a mission that sister's ride bikes and there was a 2% chance that we would be in that part. Well I am that 2%. We havent found bikes yet, the watson's are helping us look for some. The elders are always dripping with sweat when we see them after they rode their bikes, so I'm going to look disgusting. And yeah, i might need some new skirts. Sister stowell ripped one of her skirts when we were trying out bikes at the bike store haha. The worker thought we were crazy for trying to ride bikes with skirts haha. He let us go outside and ride around and he warned me not to pull the left brake, but i don't know how to ride a bike so i did and flew off haha. This probably isn't very comforting to you guys. Also, there are not very many sidewalks and there are a lot of windy roads haha. Me and Sister Stowell just try to laugh it off.
The weather was pretty bad last week. It was like 106 and 100% humidity on friday, but this week is like 80, so it's really nice. It's really pretty here. I love all of the houses. I feel like I'm in a southern movie or something. The sister's got to spend the night at the mission home the first night and it was my dream home. I loved it. If i had more time  I would send you all the  pictures I have taken. I hopefully will next week.
My address is
 12270 Creek View Cir
Woodbridge 22192
Oh don't worry, the ward knows about my allergy and most people here make everything from scratch, so I've been eating well! And some people in the ward bought us a bunch of groceries, so i'm good!

Love  you all! Write me!
Sister Bennett


Sister Bennett's last email from the Provo MTC - leaves for VA next Wed!!

You guys should start using dear elder for me for the rest of the time that I am in the mtc cause that means i can hear from you every day! But I know you all are very busy, so if you don't, that's okay! Well we started teaching a woman named Belinda today. She is our TRC, so she could be a nonmember or a less active that is playing a role. She honestly scared me the first time we met her. She is from malasia and didn't believe in God at all and called me and Sister Clonts psychos for believing in him. Well we kept telling her that God is real and that he loves her and she told us she didn't care. It was really hard, but we invited her to read Alma 18 and pray to see if it is true. We went to see her againa couple days later and she was still the same blunt Belinda, but she told us that she read the entire Book of Mormon! We were in shock and she got mad at us for being so surprised but we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! And Stephen, the one I was about to teach when I sent you that letter, is doing better. The first time we visited him he wouldn't really open up to us and he is very sarcastic and a super genius, so he is kind of hard to teach. He knew more about Joseph Smith than I do, so he doesn't really need any more knowlegde, he just needed to feel the spirit. He sort of feels like he is worthless to Heavenly Father, so we went over God's love for him for probably 3 or 4 lessons. He decided that he wants to be baptized! So now we need to teach him all the other fun stuff!! Oh and I got my travel itinerary and it says that i have to be at the travel office in the MTC at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday! And my flight is at 7 or something, so expect a call from around 5:30 or 6:00 AM on Wednesday. I think. I'll let you know otherwise.  Well, there's not that much more to say, but I will probably be writing you a letter later today! Love you!!