Monday, September 2, 2013

First Transfer To Stafford, VA...

September 2, 2013

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, it was labor day! I have some news. . . So last week i decided not to tell you that transfers were on thursday cause i didn't think i would be transferred, but i was haha so all the stuff you sent me went to my old address,. . so sorry. But I am now in Stafford, Va in the Aquia (sounds like a gangster saying "a Choir") ward. My companion was in my mtc district haha her name is Sister Thuerer (pronounced like tire). We both have only been out for six weeks, so we are training each other haha. SHe is from orem and is very musically talented. She plays the sax and piano. We are doing pretty well though. I really like my new area. It's a car area, so my bike is just sitting sadly in our living room. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty nice having a car. Besides worrying about miles and stuff. And whenever the car is in reverse, i have to stand behind it and look like an idiot directing Sister Thuerer so she doesnt run into anything, but i guess that probably doesn't look as stupid as me on a bike haha. The area i'm in has a lot of variety, cause it's really big!! Like 3 or 4 times bigger than my last area. There is a really ghetto area haha like really. And i just got an email telling me that you sent caramel brownies to my old address:( They might be bad by the time i get them:( anyways. . . Last night we were in that area with a less active, sis bandy, she was telling us how she is going to marry mathew mauchonhey, however you spell that haha and she has this crazy laid out plan, but anyways, we heard like gunshots and she told us that we were in the ghetto, so we'll have to be safe around there. There is also a place where there is like hillbillys haha and no one takes care of their lawns at all and the houses look abandoned and it's crazy. and then there are the normal areas haha. there are a lot of military here cause the training place is in stafford. Everyone we've met so far is in the military or their husband is in the military.

Well, mission work wise, I taught my real first lesson this week to an investigator! it was really cool! I am teaching a lot more lately cause i'm not opening up an area anymore. I will try to write a letter on the investigators, but two of them came to church this week! One is tricia. She really wants to join the church and is ready to be baptized, but her husband told her he would divorce her if she did, so we are trying to help her as much as we can! She comes to church every week, but usually only stays for sacrament cause her husband doesn't like her to be away for too long. She is really great and I think she will get baptized eventually! I don't have enough time to talk about the others, but I willl rwrite a letter! I'm doing a lot better and getting a little more used to missionary life!

I love you all!
Love, sis Bennett

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  1. My son is currently serving in Fredericksburg. So I googled Stafford to see where it is located. My son, Elder Seth Todd, arrived in Virginia on July 17th. His blog is maintained by me, his dad, . His brother served in this same mission about 8 yrs. ago. In fact he served in the "Todd District" as some Todd's were early settlers of Virginia. Although both received calls to Virginia Richmond, his brother served in more of the Chesapeake mission area. If you run into him refer to him as Dr. Todd. He will know that I contacted you. Dr. Seth Todd refers to a Youtube video he did as a neurosurgeon in high school. I also sent it to the mission office before he arrived. Sister Bennett, good things are about to happen. Bro. Todd.