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Mission Life in Woodbridge VA

July 29, 2013

Dear family,
I am doing great! I love my area and the people in it! We are actually about 25 minutes from DC in good traffic. The area i'm in actually just got moved to the richmond mission in july. It was in the washington dc south mission. It really sucks cause we can't go to the temple and it's so close! when it was in the dc mission the elder's would "slug" to dc. I'm sure you know what slugging is, but just in case you don't, it's what the people use to get to dc. They go get in a line somewhere and get in random people's car's and carpool in groups of 3. They aren't allowed to talk to each other haha it sounds awkward. But yeah a couple of the ward members are wanting to sneak us up to dc during dinner haha. But yeah, everything is great! It's been raining a lot lately! And it's rains like i've never seen before haha it's crazy! It started raining when we were riding our bikes to a house and i could not see anything! THere was a garage open and we went in it and ended up talking to a guy for quite a while. He wasn't interested in our message, but it was good to talk to him. Yesterday we visited members and we had a lady named Sudha Gupta come with us. She is from India and joined the church like 7 years ago. We visited people from the ward that could need help. We went over to the Bringhursts, who's son, who is like 3, has leukemia. He was the cutest little boy i've ever seen. He had so much energy cause he isn't allowed to go really anywhere because of germs. He was hilarious! He said the closing prayer and it was the best prayer i've ever heard. I was trying so hard not to cry! He was praying to be brave. And to not be scared of the doctors. The spirit was so strong and you could just feel heavenly father's love for him. His name is Mark by the way. THey caught the cancer pretty soon, so he has a pretty good chance! Pray for him though!

So there is a lot of diversity here and a lot of the people here are Ghanain. I'm not sue how to spell it, but they're from Ghana. there is some kind of deal that they have to live here. I don't understand it so im not going to try to explain it. Like i said before, almost everyone in our ward works in dc and are very secretive about what they do. A lot of them can't have people from other countries over for dinner, because of their jobs-so it's kind of hard.

Sister Stowell and I have been tracting a lot becasue we are opening a new area. Tracting sucks. We are actually not supposed to tract. we are now supposed to teach members the lessons too. we are supposed to be teaching all day, so the ward is reallly helping us out a lot. I know you were worried about this, but i really do want to move here haha. I think you guys would love it here! Oh and about the bike situation, i am borrowing the watson's daughter's bike haha she is like 13. It's the only bike that i would fit on cause i'm so short haha. Well i will write and send letters today! Forward me shae's emails she sends you! Oh and I loved the letters i got from grandma's house haha thanks!
Love you all!
Sister Bennett


August 5, 2013

I don't have that much to say this week haha so sorry about that. I like my companion. I don't know if i told you but, she played rugby at utah state. she loves playing sports and i.. . dont haha. I really like riding a bike, i just bought one a few days ago and i love it. If people want to hear about me, they can write me haha. I sent a letter to grandparents and kimmy and julie this week, so they should be okay. I will figure out what scripture i want on this week and let you know next week. I've been a little homesick and stressed. it's kind of hard to deal with stress and anxiety cause i don't have you or mom to talk to but, it will be okay. I really like my area and stuff. I havent really had the opportunity to teach a nonmember yet so hopefully i will soon!

I bought a bike. I love my bike. it has a little bell on it that has a sticker that says "i the kiddy bike wasn't cutting it for all the hills around here. My legs feel like jello all the time, but i still eat horrible so it will probably even out somehow.

This week was kind of slow. . . lots of meetings. We have been going to members homes and teaching them lessons from pmg and trying to get referalls. I'm really enjoying riding a bike though! Hopefully my bike doesn't get stolen or something so i can take it home with me! Also, we are vistiting a lot of less actives. I am really upset that we don't get to go to washington dc though. We are so close to it! people that live here say that woodbridge is considered a part of dc. All the members have pictures of the dc temple in their houses so it's kind of a bummer that we can't go to it cause it's so pretty. Sorry that this letter is so boring haha i will write a letter throughout the week if anything happens! Write me!


August 12, 2013

Hello family!
So i've almost been in va for a month! It's gone by really fast! Things are still going pretty slow investigator wise, but we are teaching a lot more! To members, but it's still practice and our president has asked us to be teaching all of the time and have the members do most of the finding. I love the members in our ward still they are great! We are going to a baseball game tonight with some families in our ward who invited some nonmembers and asked us to go with them for fhe! It's the Potomac nationals or finals or something haha but there is a baseball field in our ward boundaries so we can go! About the temple, we all want us to go, including Pres Wilson, but the first presidency doesnt want us to. I guess they've been trying for quite a while!  it is hard though cause we are so close! So right by our apartment there is a marina that we run by in the mornings. people are always kayaking and fishing and we can't so it kind of sucks haha. I am going to try and send some pictures with a letter this week. I really like my bike. I'll take a picture of it so you can see how cool it is. So this week, we have been visiting a lot of referrals and less actives and been teaching a lot of members in their homes. We're really working with the ward to find people to teach and i just realized that i have already said that in this letter haha awkward. So i hear shae is doing great! i wish i could send letters to her! Like her, i am also fed quite a bit. but i have the excercise on the bike to even it out. So you know how i told you how everyone here is very secretive about their jobs cause they work for the cia and stuff? well there is this guy in our ward who is always gone and we all know he is a spy. His name is Behrad and he is awesome. We went over to their house for dinner last night and started teaching their daughter the lessons because she is getting baptized in october. Their last name is the Tabatabaie's btw haha. Well, we asked him and his wife how they met and they said that he was her mtc teacher when she was on her mission haha i can't imagine marrying one of my mtc teachers! so weird! Well, this week for training, we are practicing the plan of salvation. I love it more and more every time i learn or teach it! there is so much to learn and i thought i understood it all, but i never will! I can't imagine what life would be like without knowing where i'm from or where i'm going! Dad will be happy to know that i have been listening to the truman madsen lectures during study time. I actually really like them. I've been listening to the ones about joseph smith and there was a quote from him that i really liked. it went something like, "if you can't endure persecution, you won't be able to endure celestial glory." I really liked that cause being a missionary is hard! I know that i am learning a lot though. A lot more than i ever would if i wouldn't have gone! Well, times about up! I would love to get letters! I'll write you guys some today! Love you all!
Sis Bennett


August 19, 2013

I don't have time to write separate emails for everyone so this is for the family. Okay, so i got two packages i think. I was expecting something fun, but it was just medicine haha. I really never know what to say on these emails so i guess i'll just tell you what I did last week. I don't remember monday or tuesday, but on wednesday, we went to the dentist for sister stowell and elder brian, who is one of the elder's in our ward. We have a dentist in our ward. his name is Dr. Fox. His office is out of our mission so we had to get special permission to go. The DC south mission office is right next to his office and one of the elders in our ward, elder brown, used to be in the dc south mission before the split, so we went and visited with the people in the office! Im jealous of the dc mission because they get to go to the temple! Later that day, we had dinner at the stanfords, who are my favorite family here haha. And i just remembered what i did on tuesday. We went over to dinner with the tulls, who have had a crazy life, and they're also one of my favorite families,and then we went out on splits with sister tull and her mother in law. Short story about the tulls: they're pretty young, both were married before and her husband died of cancer about 6 years ago and his wife died from a bladder infection about 3 years ago. They don't have any kids together,but they both had 3 kids from their previous marriages that were the same ages! they are like the brady bunch! their grandma lives with them too. anyways sis tull was telling me that after her husband died she had so many questions about where her husband was at and what he was doing so she wrote the 1st presidency and they answered her questions! She told me about some of them and it's really cool! i dont have time to write them though haha i will in a letter! oh and i just remembered what i did on monday! i went to a baseball game! it was really fun. there were a lot of people from our ward there and some investigators came! that's all i remember for monday, so let's skip to thursday haha. On thursday, we went down to Richmond, which is like a 2 and a half hour drive:/ so we met with all of the trainers and trainees and it was fun! Then we drove back. It seems like we were in the car all day long! the person who was driving us was crazy haha. If there wasnt missionaries in the car, he would be dead! VA has some crazy drivers and he is one of the worst! There is also terrible traffic. I'm sort of glad im on a bike! oh and on wed, we did exchanges i was with sis menchen, she is from germany! she was really cool and we got into a person's home! a nonmember! it was great! We have been having a lot more people to talk to lately! i'm running out of time cause i've been "texting" you all, but i will write a letter! love you all!

Sis Bennett

So far, the only picture we have from Sister Britton, but it's a good one

(she is going to kill me for putting it on here though)

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