Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First email from Sister Britton Bennett at the Provo MTC!

I am doing good! Sometimes it's hard to be a missionary, especially when you would like to be alone, but it is also the best feeling ever wearing a nametag, representing Christ. The first day when you dropped me off I had literally hundreds of welcomes from elders and sisters in every language you can think of. Everyone is so happy here. Today me and my  companion are teaching our first lesson to an "investigator" named Steven. I am very nervous! Yesterday was the 4th of July and I didn't even remember that until about 7 when we had a program. All of the Elders and Sisters in the MTC went to an auditorium kind of thing and we sang a bunch of patriotic hymns then we watched 17 miracles and ate ice cream and watched fireworks! Our MTC president let us go to bed like an hour later than usual. When i was trying to sleep i could hear all the fireworks and screaming fans at stadium of fire. I feel like I have been here for weeks. I love all of the people here and my teachers are amazing. In my disrict, there are missionaries that are going to Richmond and others that are going somewhere in Jamaica! There is a lot more to say, but i dont have time! we were supposed to write you a letter the first day, but I haven't had a moment to do anything, so sorry! Send me a real letter please and maybe some snacks and mints cause we can't have gum! I am having a lot of fun and don't really have time to be sad or homesick! Love you all and tell my siblings to write me!
Love, Sister Bennett

[Britton and Family (minus Shae who is at the Peru MTC - we really need to get the cardboard cutouts for these pics) at Provo MTC minutes before she got dropped off! It was an AWESOME experience. There is no place on earth like the MTC. It made us feel so happy for Britton to see her face as the Sisters on the curb helped her with her HUGE luggage and walked to the MTC. Brother Nash made a fashion statement in his shorts and tie - he was so touched by the spirit he felt at the MTC that we had to stop and buy him a suit on the way out of Provo so he could feel like the missionaries he saw. kb]

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